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1 Oct – 6 Oct 2023

The Week Ahead
A weekly update of key macroeconomic events, earnings releases and corporate actions in the global and Singapore markets. For daily market summaries, please visit SGX MyGateway

1 Oct

SK: Exports YoY (8:00AM)
SK: Trade Balance (8:00AM)
SK: Imports YoY (8:00AM)
CH: Caixin China PMI Composite (9:45AM)
CH: Caixin China PMI Mfg (9:45AM)
CH: Caixin China PMI Services (9:45AM)
AU: CoreLogic House Px MoM (9:01PM)

2 Oct

Ex-Rights — META HEALTH (9 META HEALTH R for every 10 META HEALTH)

SG: URA Private Home Prices QoQ (8:30AM)

AU: Judo Bank Australia PMI Mfg (6:00AM)
JP: Tankan Large Mfg Index (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Large Non-Mfg Index (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Large Mfg Outlook (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Large Non-Mfg Outlook (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Large All Industry Capex (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Small Mfg Index (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Small Non-Mfg Index (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Small Mfg Outlook (7:50AM)
JP: Tankan Small Non-Mfg Outlook (7:50AM)
AU: Melbourne Institute Inflation YoY (8:00AM)
JP: Jibun Bank Japan PMI Mfg (8:30AM)
MA: S&P Global Malaysia PMI Mfg (8:30AM)
TA: S&P Global Taiwan PMI Mfg (8:30AM)
ID: S&P Global Indonesia PMI Mfg (8:30AM)
ID: CPI YoY (12:00PM)
ID: CPI NSA MoM (12:00PM)
ID: CPI Core YoY (12:00PM)
UK: Nationwide House PX MoM (2:00PM)
UK: Nationwide House Px NSA YoY (2:00PM)
FR: HCOB France Manufacturing PMI (3:50PM)
GE: HCOB Germany Manufacturing PMI (3:55PM)
UK: S&P Global/CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI (4:30PM)
US: S&P Global US Manufacturing PMI (9:45PM)
US: Construction Spending MoM (10:00PM)
US: ISM Manufacturing (10:00PM)
US: ISM Prices Paid (10:00PM)
US: ISM Employment (10:00PM)
US: ISM New Orders (10:00PM)

3 Oct


SG: Purchasing Managers Index (9:00PM)
SG: Electronics Sector Index (9:00PM)

UK: BRC Shop Price Index YoY (7:01AM)
JP: Monetary Base YoY (7:50AM)
JP: Monetary Base End of period (7:50AM)
AU: Investor Loan Value MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Owner-Occupier Loan Value MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Home Loans Value MoM (8:30AM)
AU: ANZ-Indeed Job Advertisements MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Private Sector Houses MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Building Approvals MoM (8:30AM)
AU: RBA Cash Rate Target (11:30AM)
IN: S&P Global India PMI Mfg (1:00PM)
FR: Budget Balance YTD (2:45PM)
EC: ECB’s Villeroy speaks in Paris (8:45PM)
US: JOLTS Job Openings (10:00PM)
US: Wards Total Vehicle Sales (03rd – 04th)

4 Oct


SG: S&P Global Singapore PMI (8:30AM)
SG: Automobile COE Open Bid Cat A (4:00PM)
SG: Automobile COE Open Bid Cat B (4:00PM)
SG: Automobile COE Open Bid Cat E (4:00PM)

AU: Judo Bank Australia PMI Composite (6:00AM)
AU: Judo Bank Australia PMI Services (6:00AM)
SK: Industrial Production SA MoM (7:00AM)
SK: Cyclical Leading Index Change (7:00AM)
SK: Industrial Production YoY (7:00AM)
JP: Jibun Bank Japan PMI Composite (8:30AM)
JP: Jibun Bank Japan PMI Services (8:30AM)
SK: S&P Global South Korea PMI Mfg (8:30AM)
FR: HCOB France Services PMI (3:50PM)
FR: HCOB France Composite PMI (3:50PM)
GE: HCOB Germany Services PMI (3:55PM)
GE: HCOB Germany Composite PMI (3:55PM)
UK: Official Reserves Changes (4:30PM)
UK: S&P Global/CIPS UK Services PMI (4:30PM)
UK: S&P Global/CIPS UK Composite PMI (4:30PM)
US: MBA Mortgage Applications (7:00PM)
US: ADP Employment Change (8:15PM)
US: S&P Global US Services PMI (9:45PM)
US: S&P Global US Composite PMI (9:45PM)
US: Factory Orders (10:00PM)
US: Factory Orders Ex Trans (10:00PM)
US: Durable Goods Orders (10:00PM)
US: Durables Ex Transportation (10:00PM)
US: Cap Goods Orders Nondef Ex Air (10:00PM)
US: Cap Goods Ship Nondef Ex Air (10:00PM)
US: ISM Services Index (10:00PM)
US: ISM Services Prices Paid (10:00PM)
US: ISM Services Employment (10:00PM)
US: ISM Services New Orders (10:00PM)

5 Oct

SG: Retail Sales Ex Auto YoY (1:00PM)
SG: Retail Sales SA MoM (1:00PM)
SG: Retail Sales YoY (1:00PM)
SG: Foreign Reserves (05th – 09th)

SK: Foreign Reserves (5:00AM)
SK: CPI YoY (7:00AM)
SK: CPI Ex Food and Energy YoY (7:00AM)
JP: Foreign Buying Japan Stocks (7:50AM)
JP: Japan Buying Foreign Stocks (7:50AM)
JP: Japan Buying Foreign Bonds (7:50AM)
JP: Foreign Buying Japan Bonds (7:50AM)
HK: S&P Global Hong Kong PMI (8:30AM)
AU: Exports MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Imports MoM (8:30AM)
AU: Trade Balance (8:30AM)
IN: S&P Global India PMI Composite (1:00PM)
IN: S&P Global India PMI Services (1:00PM)
GE: Trade Balance SA (2:00PM)
GE: Exports SA MoM (2:00PM)
GE: Imports SA MoM (2:00PM)
FR: Industrial Production YoY (2:45PM)
FR: Manufacturing Production YoY (2:45PM)
GE: HCOB Germany Construction PMI (3:30PM)
TA: CPI YoY (4:00PM)
TA: CPI Core YoY (4:00PM)
UK: New Car Registrations YoY (4:00PM)
TA: PPI YoY (4:00PM)
TA: Foreign Reserves (4:20PM)
UK: S&P Global/CIPS UK Construction PMI (4:30PM)
UK: DMP 3M Output Price Expectations (4:30PM)
UK: DMP 1 Year CPI Expectations (4:30PM)
EC: BOE’s Broadbent, Riksbanks Breman, ECB’s Lane on Panel (5:45PM)
US: Challenger Job Cuts YoY (7:30PM)
US: Trade Balance (8:30PM)
US: Initial Jobless Claims (8:30PM)
US: Continuing Claims (8:30PM)
EC: ECB’s Villeroy speaks in Paris (10:30PM)

6 Oct

SG Earnings & Business Updates (1)

Ex-Div — SHOPPER360 (SGD 0.005)

JP: Real Cash Earnings YoY (7:30AM)
JP: Labor Cash Earnings YoY (7:30AM)
JP: Household Spending YoY (7:30AM)
ID: Net Foreign Assets IDR (11:00AM)
ID: Foreign Reserves (11:00AM)
IN: RBI Cash Reserve Ratio (12:30PM)
IN: RBI Repurchase Rate (12:30PM)
JP: Leading Index CI (1:00PM)
JP: Coincident Index (1:00PM)
GE: Factory Orders MoM (2:00PM)
GE: Factory Orders WDA YoY (2:00PM)
FR: Trade Balance (2:45PM)
FR: Current Account Balance (2:45PM)
MA: Foreign Reserves (3:00PM)
US: Change in Nonfarm Payrolls (8:30PM)
US: Two-Month Payroll Net Revision (8:30PM)
US: Change in Private Payrolls (8:30PM)
US: Change in Manufact. Payrolls (8:30PM)
US: Unemployment Rate (8:30PM)
US: Average Hourly Earnings YoY (8:30PM)
US: Average Weekly Hours All Employees (8:30PM)
US: Labor Force Participation Rate (8:30PM)
US: Underemployment Rate (8:30PM)
HK: Foreign Reserves
SK: Bank Lending To Household Total (06th – 16th)

Updated as of 29 Sep 2023
Source: SGX, Bloomberg and Refinitiv

Please note that scheduled earnings releases are subject to change. For more corporate actions, please click here. You may refer to the broker’s reports’ here.

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