What mind-set and methods are needed to trade the financial markets professionally? (Course Preview)

Sign up for this seminar to gain insights into the evolution of the trading of futures contracts, from floor to electronic, and the unique career of a trader who trades different markets. Discover the skills and discipline needed, starting first with the correct thinking methodology and understand the essentials to trade professionally.

This is a candid sharing session about:

  1. How a common man left his software engineer job to become a full-time trader for more than 20 years, trading his own account starting from day 1 in 1992. No employment, no basic pay, no commission, no customers and making money from the market.
  1. The mind-set and attitude required to make this possible.
  1. The multiple opportunities involved in trading markets in all directions, as well as the flexibility to decide your preferred holding duration, according to your schedule, and risk appetite.
  1. How to derive a trading edge from Technical Analysis and the information that can be gained from reading charts only, without the need to follow news or financial reports.

Enterprising individuals seeking to trade financial futures professionally as a source of income are encouraged to attend.

Trainer’s Profile:

Tom Yuen (YCK) is a futures trader with extensive system-based trading and execution experience, and a strong background in quantitative technical analysis. YCK’s futures trading experience spans over 20 years with the first 13 years spent as a floor/pit trader with Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX), now known as SGX-DT, Local.

YCK belongs to the first batch of Computer Science graduates in 1986 from the National University of Singapore. He worked as a Defence Scientist in DSO and spent 3 years in Sweden developing defence software from 1986-1989. While serving his bond after coming back to Singapore, he discovered his passion in the financial market.

He particularly enjoyed the idea of playing this number game, where one can be immediately rewarded, right down to the last deserving cent, according to his trading abilities and skills, with no need to deal, manage or interact with people. With no formal training in the financial discipline, he developed his edge through his strength from the technical field, coupled with an immense interest in psychology, he created trading methodologies that is derived purely from Technical Analysis, with a delicate blend of mass psychology. He quit his job and joined SIMEX in 1992 and traded his own account from day 1. At the end of the first year, he managed to match his last drawn pay as a software engineer, and was experiencing exponential pay increment for his subsequent years.

With an equally strong passion in teaching, he started sharing his trading knowledge with retail individuals from 1993-1997, encouraging interested individuals to join the floor. This teaching was interrupted when his daughter was born in 1996, when he then got himself trained as an early childhood Montessori teacher.

After the trading pit closed, YCK was approached by SGX to assist the exchange in conducting formal training courses. With more than 20 years of training and coaching experience, covering areas ranging from youth leadership, risks and rewards of trading, technical analysis, money management to financial literacy, he is one of the key mentors (invited and endorsed by SGX-DT) who regularly conducts training classes for aspiring traders, as well as running seminars in Malaysia and Thailand, sharing trading experiences not only to retails, but also to prop teams.

Having benefitted from trading in the pit environment, YCK strongly believes in the importance of a trading community. Hence, he is also the key AFACT (Association of Financial And Commodity Traders) mentor who carries out mentorship programs at SGX, and is the only trainer who is doing mentorship program in the SGX training room with students, three times a week, from market open till close.


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