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Economic Calendar

9 December - 14 December

The Week Ahead

A weekly update of key macroeconomic events, earnings releases and corporate actions in the global and Singapore markets. For daily market summaries, please visit SGX MyGateway.

Sunday, 9 December
CH: Foreign Direct Investment YoY (8th-18th)
CH: PPI YoY (09:30AM)
CH: CPI YoY (09:30AM)
Monday, 10 December
AU: RBA's Kent gives speech in Sydney (05:30AM)
JN: GDP SA QoQ (07:50AM)
JN: GDP Deflator YoY (07:50AM)
JN: BoP Current Account Balance (07:50AM)
JN: BoP Current Account Adjusted (07:50AM)
JN: Trade Balance BoP Basis (07:50AM)
JN: Bank Lending Incl Trusts YoY (07:50AM)
JN: Bank Lending Ex-Trusts YoY (07:50AM)
AU: Home Loans MoM (08:30AM)
AU: Investment Lending (08:30AM)
AU: Owner-Occupier Loan Value MoM (08:30AM)
GE: Trade Balance (03:00PM)
GE: Current Account Balance (03:00PM)
GE: Exports SA MoM (03:00PM)
GE: Imports SA MoM (03:00PM)
FR: Bank of France Ind. Sentiment (03:30PM)
UK: Visible Trade Balance (05:30PM)
UK: Trade Balance Non EU (05:30PM)
UK: Trade Balance (05:30PM)
UK: Industrial Production YoY (05:30PM)
UK: Manufacturing Production YoY (05:30PM)
UK: Construction Output SA YoY (05:30PM)
UK: GDP (MoM) (05:30PM)
UK: Index of Services MoM (05:30PM)
US: JOLTS Job Openings (11:00PM)
JN: Eco Watchers Survey Current SA
CH: Money Supply M1 YoY (10th-15th)
CH: Money Supply M0 YoY (10th-15th)
CH: Aggregate Financing (10th-15th)
CH: Money Supply M2 YoY (10th-15th)
CH: New Yuan Loans (10th-15th)
Tuesday, 11 December
HK: Manpower Survey (12:01AM)
SI: Manpower Survey (12:01AM)
AU: ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index (06:30AM)
JN: Money Stock M3 YoY (07:50AM)
JN: Money Stock M2 YoY (07:50AM)
JN: BSI Large All Industry QoQ (07:50AM)
JN: BSI Large Manufacturing QoQ (07:50AM)
CH: Manpower Survey (08:01AM)
AU: Manpower Survey (08:01AM)
JN: Manpower Survey (08:01AM)
AU: NAB Business Conditions (08:30AM)
AU: NAB Business Confidence (08:30AM)
AU: House Price Index YoY (08:30AM)
JN: Machine Tool Orders YoY (02:00PM)
FR: Total Payrolls (02:30PM)
FR: Private Sector Payrolls QoQ (02:30PM)
FR: Wages QoQ (03:45PM)
UK: Claimant Count Rate (05:30PM)
UK: Jobless Claims Change (05:30PM)
UK: Average Weekly Earnings 3M/YoY (05:30PM)
UK: Weekly Earnings ex Bonus 3M/YoY (05:30PM)
UK: ILO Unemployment Rate 3Mths (05:30PM)
UK: Employment Change 3M/3M (05:30PM)
GE: ZEW Survey Current Situation (06:00PM)
GE: ZEW Survey Expectations (06:00PM)
US: NFIB Small Business Optimism (07:00PM)
US: PPI Final Demand YoY (09:30PM)
US: PPI Ex Food and Energy YoY (09:30PM)
US: PPI Ex Food, Energy, Trade YoY (09:30PM)
Wednesday, 12 December
Ex-Div - Asian Pay Television Trust (SGD 0.01625)

SK: Unemployment rate SA (07:00AM)
AU: Westpac Consumer Conf Index (07:30AM)
AU: Westpac Consumer Conf SA MoM (07:30AM)
JN: PPI YoY (07:50AM)
JN: Core Machine Orders MoM (07:50AM)
SK: Money Supply L SA MoM (11:00AM)
SK: Money Supply M2 SA MoM (11:00AM)
MA: Industrial Production YoY (12:00PM)
MA: Manufacturing Sales Value YoY (12:00PM)
JN: Tertiary Industry Index MoM (12:30PM)
SI: Retail Sales Ex Auto YoY (01:00PM)
SI: Retail Sales YoY (01:00PM)
US: MBA Mortgage Applications (08:00PM)
US: CPI YoY (09:30PM)
US: CPI Ex Food and Energy YoY (09:30PM)
US: CPI Index NSA (09:30PM)
US: CPI Core Index SA (09:30PM)
US: Real Avg Weekly Earnings YoY (09:30PM)
US: Real Avg Hourly Earning YoY (09:30PM)
UK: CBI Retailing Reported Sales (12th-16th)
UK: CBI Total Dist. Reported Sales (12th-16th)
Thursday, 13 December
SG Earnings (1)

Del Monte Pacific Ltd - Bef-mkt

US: Monthly Budget Statement (03:00AM)
SK: Import Price Index YoY (05:00AM)
SK: Export Price Index YoY (05:00AM)
JN: Japan Buying Foreign Bonds (07:50AM)
JN: Japan Buying Foreign Stocks (07:50AM)
JN: Foreign Buying Japan Bonds (07:50AM)
JN: Foreign Buying Japan Stocks (07:50AM)
AU: Consumer Inflation Expectation (08:00AM)
UK: RICS House Price Balance (08:01AM)
JN: Tokyo Avg Office Vacancies (10:00AM)
GE: CPI YoY (03:00PM)
GE: CPI EU Harmonized YoY (03:00PM)
FR: CPI EU Harmonized YoY (03:45PM)
FR: CPI YoY (03:45PM)
FR: CPI Ex-Tobacco Index (03:45PM)
US: Import Price Index YoY (09:30PM)
US: Export Price Index YoY (09:30PM)
US: Initial Jobless Claims (09:30PM)
US: Continuing Claims (09:30PM)
US: Bloomberg Consumer Comfort (10:45PM)
GE: Wholesale Price Index YoY (13th-19th)
Friday, 14 December
AU: CBA Australia PMI Mfg (06:00AM)
AU: CBA Australia PMI Services (06:00AM)
JN: Tankan Large Mfg Index (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Large Mfg Outlook (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Large Non-Mfg Index (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Large Non-Mfg Outlook (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Large All Industry Capex (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Small Mfg Index (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Small Non-Mfg Index (07:50AM)
JN: Tankan Small Non-Mfg Outlook (07:50AM)
JN: Nikkei Japan PMI Mfg (08:30AM)
CH: Retail Sales YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Retail Sales YTD YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Industrial Production YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Industrial Production YTD YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Fixed Assets Ex Rural YTD YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Property Investment YoY (10:00AM)
CH: Surveyed Jobless Rate (10:00AM)
JN: Capacity Utilization MoM (12:30PM)
JN: Industrial Production YoY (12:30PM)
FR: Markit France Manufacturing PMI (04:15PM)
FR: Markit France Services PMI (04:15PM)
FR: Markit France Composite PMI (04:15PM)
GE: Markit/BME Germany Manufacturing PMI (04:30PM)
GE: Markit Germany Services PMI (04:30PM)
GE: Markit/BME Germany Composite PMI (04:30PM)
HK: Industrial Production YoY (04:30PM)
HK: PPI YoY (04:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Advance MoM (09:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Ex Auto and Gas (09:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Control Group (09:30PM)
US: Industrial Production MoM (10:15PM)
US: Capacity Utilization (10:15PM)
US: Manufacturing (SIC) Production (10:15PM)
US: Markit US Services PMI (10:45PM)
US: Markit US Manufacturing PMI (10:45PM)
US: Business Inventories (11:00PM)
ID: Local Auto Sales (14th-21st)

Source: SGX and Bloomberg 

Please note that scheduled earnings releases are subject to change.

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Ex-Div - Aspial Corp (SGD 0.0025)
Ex-Div - Dairy Farm Intl Hldgs (USD 0.065)
Ex-Div - Hongkong Land Hldgs (USD 0.06)
Ex-Div - Jardine Matheson Hldgs (SCRIP ALT USD 0.42)
Ex-Div - Jardine Strategic Hldgs (SCRIP ALT USD 0.1)
Ex-Div - Mandarin Oriental Intl (USD 0.015)
Ex-Div - OCBC Bank (SGD 0.2)
Ex-Div - Pan Hong Hldgs Group (SGD 0.015)
Ex-Div - SBS Transit (SGD 0.058)
Ex-Div - Singapore Post (SGD 0.005)

AU: Westpac Consumer Conf Index (08:30AM)
AU: Westpac Consumer Conf SA MoM (08:30AM)
AU: Wage Price Index QoQ (09:30AM)
AU: Wage Price Index YoY (09:30AM)
CH: New Home Prices MoM (09:30AM)
UK: CPIH YoY (04:30PM)
UK: CPI (04:30PM)
UK: CPI Core YoY (04:30PM)
UK: Retail Price Index (04:30PM)
UK: RPI (04:30PM)
UK: RPI Ex Mort Int.Payments (YoY) (04:30PM)
UK: PPI Input NSA (04:30PM)
UK: PPI Output NSA (04:30PM)
UK: PPI Output Core NSA (04:30PM)
UK: House Price Index YoY (04:30PM)
US: MBA Mortgage Applications (07:00PM)
US: Empire Manufacturing (08:30PM)
US: Nonfarm Productivity (08:30PM)
US: Unit Labor Costs (08:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Advance MoM (08:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Ex Auto MoM (08:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Ex Auto and Gas (08:30PM)
US: Retail Sales Control Group (08:30PM)
US: Industrial Production MoM (09:15PM)
US: Capacity Utilization (09:15PM)
US: Business Inventories (10:00PM)
US: NAHB Housing Market Index (10:00PM)

SK: Liberation Day - Public Holiday
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