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Gain Investing Knowledge Instantly through Tutorials at SGX Academy

Fun and easy-to-understand Tutorials on investing awaits you.
Choose the topics of your interest and start on your fun filled education journey.



Intro Frame




1. Basics of Trading & Investing
1a Market Basics Frame 1b Stock Manket Basics Frame 1c v1

1(a) Market Basics



1(b) Stock Market Basics



1(c) Diversifying Your Portfolio



2. Riding the Big Market Cycles
2aBusinessMarketCyclesv2 2(b) What Moves the Market 2c economic indicators

2(a) Business & Market Cycles



2(b) What Moves the Market



2(c) Economic Indicators



3. The ABCs of Stock Valuation
3a Finding Value in Stocks 3b Reading Financial Statements 3c Financial Ratio Shortcuts

3(a) Finding Value in Stocks



3(b) Reading Financial Statements



3(c) Financial Ratio Shortcuts



4. Behavioral Analysis & Market Timing
4a Basics of Market Timing 4b Identifying Market Trends 4c Support and Resistance

4(a) Basics of Market Timing



4(b) Identifying Market Trends



4(c) Support and Resistance



5. Making Your First Trade
5a v1 5b v1 5c v1

5(a) The Math Behind Trading



5(b) Money Management Rule



5(c) How to Place Orders



6. Participating as a Shareholder
Reading Annual Reports Attending AGMs

6(a) Reading Annual Reports



6(b) Attending AGMs



7. Investment Instruments
etf icon5 Benefits of ETFs

7(a) Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


7(b) Benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)



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