Mr. Johnathan Chua, Co-founder of GRVTY Media, the media group behind Vulcan Post, The Daily Ketchup

John started his career as a business manager in a notable influencer marketing company back in 2015. He started his entreprenuer journey in 2017 with GRVTY Media, a digital media and marketing company. GRVTY raised $1m in venture capital after 3 months of operation. The company reached over 20million monthly impressions on social media with notable brands like Vulcan Post, MOSG, Real Talk and The Daily Ketchup Podcast. GRVTY is also an award winning full suite creative agency serving local and regional clients.

In June of 2022, GRVTY Media was acquired by TowerHill.

Through its media brands GRVTY Media led Singapore’s conversation on entreprenuership, sex and mental health.

John is an advocate for personal financial literacy having appeared on financial podcast The Simple Sum to share about his early experience struggling with credit card debt and how he got out of it. Today, John is well invested in stocks, ETFs & crypto.

John is a host on MOSG, Real Talk and The Daily Ketchup.

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