Ong Joo Parn

Joo Parn is the co-founder of Kaya Plus, a financial education company with the aim to help spread investing literacy to the mass public. Graduated with a degree in Food Technology, it did not stop him from pursuing his passion in investing. To date, he has been investing around the world for more than 5 years. His aim is to help investors invest strategically and profitably, be it stocks within their home country or globally.

What started off as a passionate side project eventually grew into the founding of Kaya Plus, covering stocks in Singapore, Malaysia and also the global markets. Joo Parn also started writing publicly about the financial market and companies since 2018. He has also had the privilege to share his thoughts on opinions on events hosted by SGX and licensed brokerage firms.

Previously a diligent student of the SGX Academy’s programs, Joo Parn has benefited from the classes, and has honed his knowledge and skills to join the ranks as one of its trainers. He looks forward to continue what SGX Academy strives for – being a center of Execellence for Investor Education and Professional Trading Development.