Thomas Poh

Thomas is the Founder and Managing Director of PZH Consultants. He is an accredited trainer in financial markets products where he partners with leading universities and financial institutions including Singapore Management University (SMU), ACI Singapore – the Financial Markets Association and CME Group. He is also a transformation management consultant to corporations.

Thomas has over 20 years of Financial Markets experience as a trader and had risen through the ranks to hold senior positions in global and leading regional banks. He started his career with Citibank under the Management Associate program in 1997 before joining other global banks such as ING (2000-2003) and HSBC (2003-2004). In 2004 he was back with ING Singapore’s Emerging Markets trading team where he subsequently held the role of Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets FX & Rates Asia. As the Head of Trading in Techcombank, Vietnam, he successfully transformed the local trading team into what is widely regarded as the best trading team in the country. In 2016-2018, he was heading the Strategic Management Desk with UOB Singapore where he is responsible for strategic trading positions taking and advises ALCO on their hedging decisions.

潘先生是 PZH 顾问公司的创始人兼董事总经理。他是金融 市场产品的认证培训师。自今 PZH 很荣兴地能与领先的大 学和金融机构合作,包括新加坡管理大学(SMU),新加 坡 ACI – 金融市场协会和 CME 集团。其外他还是一个企 业转型管理顾问。

潘先生在金融界打滚了 20 多年,拥有丰富的前线交易与 高层管理经验。初出茅庐的他从 1997 进入美国花期银行 的顶尖管理培训生计划,奠定了他在金融界交易市场的事 业。他随后加入了其他国际与顶尖区域银行,如 ING (2000-2003)和汇丰银行(2003-2004)。 2004 年,他 回到 ING 新加坡新兴市场交易台,随后被提升为董事总经 理,担任亚洲新兴市场外汇和利率交易主管。 2014 年, 当他担任越南 Techcombank(TCB)的交易主 时成功地 改造 TCB 成为越南金融界的头号交易平台。在 2016-2018 年,他担任新加坡大华银行战略管理交易台主管,负责策 划战略交易部位,与对 ALCO 的避险决策提供建议与协助。