Role of a Custodian & Corporate Actions

This e-training programme comprises 3 topics/tutorials. Answer all quiz questions at the end of each tutorial in order to complete the training.

A) Custody – An Introduction

(Estimated Completion Time: 60 Minutes)

Custody is a highly specialized activity that is vital for the safekeeping of client assets. This tutorial looks at the key business areas of custodians and the services they provide. It also examines ancillary activities, such as handling distributions and corporate actions, and the role of custodians in dealing with trade settlement.

B) Corporate Actions – An Introduction

(Estimated Completion Time: 50 Minutes)

When a company issues a corporate action, it sets in motion an event that brings material change to the company and has ramifications for its stakeholders. However, processing corporate action events is a complex business involving many different market participants and including many possible event types. This tutorial looks at the fundamentals of corporate actions from a number of different perspectives. It also discusses the role of the various participants in the corporate actions processing chain, with particular emphasis on the part played by custodians. A second tutorial will look at the major corporate action event types.

C) Corporate Actions – Types

(Estimated Completion Time: 60 Minutes)

There are estimated to be more than 60 corporate action types. Most of these are mandatory events that require no action on the part of securities holders. However, there are also many voluntary corporate actions that leave it up to securities holders as to whether or not to participate.

This tutorial looks at the full spectrum of corporate action types. Examples of each are provided, with the focus on the most popular events in the marketplace.


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