This e-training programme comprises 3 topics/tutorials. Answer all quiz questions at the end of each tutorial in order to complete the training.

A) Structured Products – An Introduction

(Estimated Completion Time: 75 Minutes)

Over the past two decades or so, investors have been given access to an ever widening universe of potential assets to invest in. The development of structured products (SPs) had allowed investors to take views on different asset classes in a more precise way than merely ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ an instrument. This tutorial describes the concept of structured products and examines the development of the market. Investor motivations, the basics of construction, and key risks are all investigated.

B) Structured Products – Major Types

(Estimated Completion Time: 60 Minutes)

The first decade of this century saw an enormous expansion in the array of structured products available to investors. While common elements are utilized across asset classes, such as various forms of exotic option and structures referencing multiple assets, the fecundity of imagination shown by investment bankers and product investors is such that these various components can be rearranged into an almost infinite number of structures. This tutorial explores the most popular types of structured products and some of the structures that are specific to particular asset classes.

C) Structured Products – Valuation & Risks

(Estimated Completion Time: 75 Minutes)

This tutorial examines in more detail some of the key risks encountered by investors in structured products, and how the value of these products will vary as market parameters change. There is also an analysis of constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) and its use as an alternative to ‘classical’ principal-protected structures.

Terms and Conditions

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