It’s never too late to start learning about investing. You can now develop investing and trading skills at ease with this curated series of educational videos, to help you kick start your learning journey with SGX Academy!

Recorded Webinars

Enjoy flexible learning via recorded webinars, conducted by SGX Academy trainers who are also the financial experts in the industry.


Designed for new investors, this two-part webinar series introduces you to the core building blocks of a stock portfolio. Watch both videos to help you get started on your investment journey today.

Designed for budding traders, this webinar series introduces you to the basics of trading, the trading products available in the market, and guides you towards building your trade plans on the Singapore Market.

This webinar series provides you with an in-depth understanding on how ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are listed and quoted on the exchange, and understand how financial institutions are increasingly using ETFs to gain exposure for returns. Learn more about how you can perform effective due diligence and construct a portfolio with ETFs.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have debuted as an asset class on the Singapore Exchange earlier this January. This webinar series introduces you to SPACs, an asset class that offers investors with more choices and enable them to participate in private equity arrangements (e.g. high growth companies) in the form of publicly listed company. Learn more about how you can tap on SPACs as an alternative investment product to diversify your portfolio.

Singapore Depository Receipts (SDRs) are instruments representing beneficial interest in an underlying security listed on an overseas exchange. Investors can now invest in Thailand’s blue-chip companies via Singapore Depository Receipts (SDR). Similar to how you trade SGX-listed shares, these Singapore-dollar denominated SDR offers access to leading companies on the Thai benchmark SET50 Index. Learn more about the SDRs available through these webinars.

Both borrowers and lenders stand to gain in CDP’s Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) scheme. The SBL scheme creates a lending pool by willing lenders to provide borrowers with a liquid stock market. Learn the mechanics of SBL scheme through this series of the webinar.

This webinar series introduces you to Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS), a voluntary scheme to encourage you to save for your retirement on top of your CPF savings. Learn more about the benefits of SRS and what you can invest in using SRS.

This webinar series introduces you to the basics of derivatives trading, the rise of futures trading globally and the opportunities in trading MSCI Singapore Index Futures and equity derivatives listed on SGX. Explore how you can hedge your portfolio or go long/short for profit with swing trading futures.

This Corporate Connect series helps investors to understand SGX-listed companies better. Learn more about the companies as their management share the insights on the business, strategies, core competencies and financial performance.


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Learn about investment concepts and strategies the fun and easy way through these bite-sized animated videos.


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