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CBOE Options Institute at SGX: Intermediate Module

Course description

This course covers options pricing factors and how options can be combined to take advantage of different market outlooks:

  • Options price components
  • The Greeks
  • Debit Spreads
  • Credit Spreads
  • Calendar Spreads

Learning outcome statements

On completing this module, participants should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of what factors determine the value of an option contract
  • Associate the respective option Greeks with pricing factors and be able to determine how a change in the underlying factors will impact the value of an option
  • Construct a bullish or bearish vertical spread based on a market outlook and determine the maximum gain, loss, and break-even levels for positions
  • Compare different vertical spread alternatives and note which position would be the best choice based on a specific market outlook

Important Notes

  • Upon successful registration, an email with the access details will be sent, please check your inbox and/or junk box. 
  • For assistance, please contact e-training@sgxacademy.com or call 6011-8922.
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