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Regular Shares Savings (RSS) Plan

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. With Regular Shares Savings Plans, you can enjoy affordable, long-term investments in a variety of blue chip stocks, REITs and ETFs – all for as little as $100 a month. Invest with Regular Shares Savings Plan by opening an account with the providers and enjoy account opening promotions from the providers!

What is Regular Shares Savings (RSS) Plan?

RSS Plans offer investors an affordable and convenient way of investing by committing a fixed amount of money every month to invest in shares, REITs or ETFs. This removes the need for you to make a lump sum investment or figure out when is the best time to buy.

Who are RSS Plans suitable for?

It is designed for those who:

  • May not have a huge investment capital
  • Are new to investing and not sure where to start
  • Want a fuss-free way of investing without having to monitor the market

What are the Benefits?

Dollar-cost averaging

RSS Plans remove the need to time the market and to figure out when is the lowest point to buy.

What is dollar-cost averaging?

  • If the share price is high, you will buy fewer shares with a fixed dollar amount
  • If the share price is low, you will be able to buy more shares with a fixed dollar amount
  • This means you would be buying less shares at market highs and buying more shares at market lows
  • Over time, the price you pay for your portfolio of shares would be averaged out


RSS plans generally have lower transaction cost with no lock-in period. You can change the shares, REITs or ETFs you are purchasing, your monthly investment amount or sell your shares, REITs or ETFs any time.

Grow long term savings

If you had started investing monthly in the RSS plan from January 2013 to December 2017 in the STI ETF, your total portfolio value with dividends paid (excluding transaction fees) would have returned 7.1% per annum. Regular investing in the long run could potentially grow your savings through the effects of compounding.

Click here for article on ‘STI Dollar Cost Averaging Delivered 7% p.a over past Five Years’

Find out more!

Learn more about the RSS plans offered by DBS, OCBC, and Phillip Securities. As the offering differs slightly across each of these brokers; select a plan that suit your monthly investment needs.

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