Chua Wei Ren

With over 12 years’ experience examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, Wei Ren is a market strategist who specialisesin Technical Analysis and Macro Economics. Leveraging core price action trading strategy combined with classical technical analysis to trend spot market movements for entries and exits, he believes that historical data plays a pertinent role in how market prices would impact future trades. His interest is in the field of predictive analysis and is passionate about using data to forecast trends.

Wei Ren also writes for CGS-CIMB’s Trendspotter, a daily market outlook report that aims to identify
trading ideas in both Asia’s equity markets. A seasoned presenter, he has been hosting live webinars
since the start of his career as a market strategist, where his forecasts based on past market data analysis have been the highlight of each session.

Wei Ren has been featured on various mainstream media platforms including The Business Times ‘Chart Point’ and Capital 95.8.

He is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) holder, which holds the highest regards in the field of Technical analysis.