James Ooi

Mr. James Ooi has been with Phillip Securities since 2010 and is currently an Investment Manager. Prior to joining Phillip Securities, he was a Futures Dealer in an investment bank. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree with double majors in Finance and Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney.

He has been a regular market commentator for various media programmes, including Channel NewsAsia’s Asia Business First, Channel 8’s Money Week and Morning Express, Capital 95.8FM and 938Live Morning news programmes where he talks about current market trends. Mr. James Ooi also frequently conducts seminars, one which is more prominent would be the Market Outlook Seminar at Invest Fair 2015.

Lastly, be it seminars on market outlook or to educate the public, they are conducted with examples and case studies to actively engage the class and for participants to gain a deeper understanding on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Investing requires discipline, passion and willingness to learn. Mr. James Ooi hopes to help participants to start their first step in their investment journey.



黄先生常受邀担任新传媒亚洲新闻台和8频道财经节目的嘉宾,谈论股市动态并提供资讯供投资者参考。他也经常参与《联合早报》和958 城市频道的财经访问。他曾担任多场投资讲座的主讲人,包括 Invest Fair 2015。黄先生也曾在新加坡国立大学和南洋理工大学举办技术分析讲座。