Pearly Yap

Pearly Yap was a professional mutual fund equities manager for over 25 years in several top global mutual fund companies. She managed large portfolios that required both deep dive research but also thoughtful portfolio management. She has broadbased investment knowledge both in equities analysis, portfolio management and sector knowledge in Real Estate, Banks and Financials, Utilities, Metals and Mining, Oil and gas and consumer names.

Throughout her investment and research career – there were many lessons and experiences she gained which she hopes to share with fellow investors. She believes that the Investing journey is a constant learning journey and investors who have the passion for discovery and learning will find the journey rewarding and exciting. She hopes to provide investors with both the tools and knowledge to create a sense of independence and achievement.

She holds a Masters of Applied Finance, and is a CFA charterholder and has a Certificate in ESG Investing (CFA).