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A Centre of Excellence for Investor Education and Professional Trading Development

At SGX Academy, the education and training programmes have been specifically designed to meet the different needs of individuals and professionals. The education delivery formats such as seminars, courses and e-Training allow participants to choose their preferred mode of learning and achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Education Journey

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, with our range of programmes you are sure to find the right programme to match your level of investing and trading knowledge.

Beginner Level

Delve into the fundamentals of investing to help you understand the importance of investing, basic investing techniques and how to get started.

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Intermediate Level

Gain better understanding of the features and characteristics of investment instruments and various investing methods.

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Webinar: How do Banks Work and How to Invest in Them
FOC - Available
Webinar: Candlesticks Insights with Market Psychology
FOC - Available

Advanced Level

Designed for individuals seeking to invest and trade professionally, the programmes impart knowledge on instruments, as well as investing and trading techniques used by professionals.

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