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FLY with DBS & SGX – Financial Literacy for You

About FLY

Bringing you closer to your financial goals, FLY (Financial Literacy for You) is a collaboration between DBS and SGX to put financial education and resources at your fingertips. Get exclusive access to interactive investment events and a treasury of materials to enrich your investment knowledge to help you along your investing journey. This collaboration also aims to provide insights and tips, including basic investment techniques and strategies, to get investors started on their financial planning to achieve their dreams, be it short or long-term.

Upcoming Events

Selection of events that are happening soon:

Getting Started

Learn about everything you need to know to get started on your investing journey, to make your money work harder for you.

All financial goals are possible when you manage your money the right way. Browse an extensive library of articles or view e-tutorials to understand the basics of creating your own portfolio to help achieve your financial goals. You can also join upcoming events to meet like-minded individuals like yourself and get up close and personal with a panel of experts. Start your path to financial independence today.

Beyond the Classroom for the Newly Minted

One is never too young to start investing.

If you’re still a student or a newly graduated individual, these materials have been specially curated to guide you on your journey towards your first financial goal. Embark on your road to financial freedom early while in school, or as a first jobber and put a portion of your savings to work harder for you. Learn the ABCs of budgeting and plan for your next treat – whether it’s the island holiday, or a luxury splurge! Take the first step to investing with your maiden investment trade.

Ladies First

“Men just don’t get it” – as women become wealthier, our financial priorities and needs may or will differ from men. We’re excellent at finding bargains when we are shopping, so why not put the same skills to use when looking out for value through investments.

Know what are the different types of investments that are available out there and how they can be customised to suit your own investing style.

Go for Gold

Future-proof yourself by preparing early for your golden years.

How much do you need in order to retire? The earlier you begin planning for your retirement, the faster you are likely to reach your goals. Find out how you can compound your returns over time. Take small steps today, and discover how you can step up your game towards financial independence. Check out the articles or view the e-tutorials to increase your financial knowledge a little at a time.

By providing my personal information herewith, I authorise SGX to collect and use the information I have provided, and to share such information with the SGX Group and any third parties with which the SGX Group has service arrangements in connection with the SGX Academy subscription, the operation of my Securities Account with CDP, if any, or other ancillary purposes, including the marketing of SGX products and services to me.

In particular, I acknowledge that my personal details will be shared with DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”), as SGX’s education collaborator in the Financial Literacy for You (“FLY”) programme, and I consent to such transfer of my personal data by SGX to DBS for the purpose of administering the FLY programme.

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